caught somewhere
between delusion and prophecy


nil desperandum.
ad astra per aspera, annus mirabilis.

*i used to have a "this blogger is...[x]-positive" thing here, listing things i support and post frequently about, except i realized that it was akin to a disclaimer, and i don't want to issue warnings about myself.
so instead, hey: this blog often contains unapologetic support of a spectrum of aspects of the human condition. you can deal with it or see your way out.

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i peaked early in life.

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look at how full of shit i am guys

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Fall ‘00 - found in a box in our back room. cool.


Ready for takeoff! ✈️ by Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund


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i was just thinking about this and i wanna have a discussion about it with someone else, so feel free to respond to this if ya want!
born and raised in south florida (broward county, specifically), i live in a very diverse area. it’s very multicultural and basically breaks down in 3 major categories: hispanic people (american and latin american), black people (american, jamaican, and hatian), and white people. there are lots of Caribbean and latin american restaurants and businesses big and small, and tv channels and radio stations made by/for POC. for us 2/3rds of the population (POC), would it be acceptable to say that in such an area, we all engage in cultural exchange by default?
i mean even in elementary school i remember they used to serve jamaican beef patties in the cafeteria (to clarify i don’t know whether they still serve them, i only say used to because obviously it’s been a while since i set foot in my elementary school, much less had lunch there), and a few months ago they started selling pan de bono at our local 7-11. we all indiscriminately eat at golden crust or la granja, yadda yadda. so it’s not really on an individual basis, a 1:1 exchange, but it’s more of just an environmental thing. 
i don’t really know what i was trying to get out of writing this, just some thoughts. and appreciation for having grown up in such a diverse region.


some scurry shit

ohhhhh my god

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omg haha


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Trying to get comfortable in bed

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my family is full of trash racist racist terrible trash it’s so sad to me soooooo sad yall forreal


Me when I see a boy that I like…

translation for anyone curious:
I WANT HIM. I want to dominate him, make him MINE, even if later on he bores me and gets in my way and I end up hating him!

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this is a theme of hers that has been heavily edited by me